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We invest in continuous and long-lasting partnerships. We aim to share our investment channels and opportunities with business practitioners who are equally passionate, respectful and conscious as we are. Our goal is to succeed and grow together. 

Two strategies - two types of opportunities


We are currently on track to hold 2000+ rental properties and achieve a resale volume of 1500+ single-unit properties by 2026. 

We invest in cash flow properties with an investment horizon of 25 years.  We work together with trusted contractor partners to design and finance the properties and achieve the highest yields.  

We base purchase decisions on each property’s relative price, its attractiveness as a rental, and the price evolution of the given area.


We see opportunities to make wins everywhere. As a company, we have developed a unique sales strategy that allows us to sell each property for the best price within the shortest time. This ensures that we achieve compounding returns on invested capital and a high reinvestment rate.

Current investment opportunities

We offer profitable investment opportunities with an investment horizon starting from 3 months up to 25+ years.

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