We invest in real estate.

About us

North Nest is a progressive real estate investment company based in Helsinki, Finland. We purchase, hold and resell apartments and multi-unit properties across the country. 

Our mission is to challenge conventional industry practices by combining pioneering AI technology and machine learning with a high level of expertise and a passion for conscious business practices and strong partnerships.

Investments backed by AI

The principles for strategic decision-making in real estate investing haven’t changed since the 1950’s. We at North Nest wanted to change that.

To complement our experience of the real estate industry, we built cutting-edge AI technology and advanced machine learning algorithms to boost our investment processes and bring further insights into potential investment opportunities.

The tool assesses and learns from a vast pool of data, which enables us to achieve elevated performance in our analysis process. Furthermore, it allows us to explore more investment opportunities in less time, which is particularly beneficial since we like the idea of saving time.

Challenging the known

We drive on lean and conscious processes. Our belief is that in order perform on the highest level, it is crucial to have experience, but equally important to be aware of potential biases, assumptions and fallacies in one’s logic. 

To help us excel, we have developed a method to challenge the known and dig deeper in order to make the best decisions. 

Everything in business - and in life - starts with people

Respectful human encounters and a true desire to do sustainable business are part of our essence.

To us, the highest form of success is shared growth. Our plan to achieve this is to build mutually profitable long-term partnerships with people and companies who share our values and the aspiration to become winners.


Working together with carefully selected partners, we source both on- and off-market new development properties in the planning, construction and finalising stages.
Analysis and strategy
We analyze the properties, create an optimal development strategy for each and hand-pick the most profitable deals.
Alterations and touch-ups
Where needed, we alter or touch up the properties to generate maximum yields or reselling value on the market.
Holding, managing and re-selling
Depending on the investment strategy, we either hold, manage or re-sell the properties.

Why North Nest wins

AI-enhanced analyses

We don’t work to build tech – we build tech to work for us.

Our artificial super brain supports us in analytical decision-making by performing data-driven property evaluations. This unique technology offers enhanced accuracy and limits the risks created by market uncertainty. 

AI-enhanced analyses
Maximised property value

We believe that the key to maximising the value of our properties lies in purposeful property management and high-quality relationships with our tenants. Our strength lies in finding optimal strategy for each property and providing superior value to our tenants by being at the forefront of modern living solutions.

Maximised property value
Seeing the future

The ability to see far is pivotal and separates the wheat from the chaff. A major part of our weekly activities consists of analysing information from a variety of sources and outlining future trends in housing and real estate. We also maintain strong connections to industry experts and incorporate their expertise and point of view in our strategy and analyses.

Seeing the future
Excelling in learning

Our aim is to continue growing and improving in everything we do, both in and out of the office, which is why we never stop learning. We continuously develop our processes in order to save time and energy, make our work more effective and eliminate human errors.

Excelling in learning
May the best team win

Efficiency and success is achieved when ambition and skill meets its counterpart in the right mission and assignment. At North Nest, each team member is a generalist whose unique strengths and skills are employed in a specific area of our business. Between us, we share the ability to think, act and work consciously as well as the will to be a part of a success story.

May the best team win

The team


Chairman of the Board, Co-founder
Investment and partnerships


CEO, Co-founder
Investments and technnology

Invest with us


We offer short and long-term investment opportunities for institutional and private investors both in Finland and abroad. Aside from real estate, we invest heavily in long-term partnerships with our investors.


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